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15 Birds That Bring Good Luck (with Photos, ID & Info!)

In this article, we’ll explore 15 birds that bring good luck. In many cultures, the idea of lucky charms and talismans are a common superstition in order to gain an advantage for the day ahead. Birds have been featured prominently as symbols of good fortune because they’re often seen as being symbols of peace and love – two things that any person would want more of in their life! So without further ado, here are the birds that bring good fortune.

Blue Jay

Blue Jay
Photo by Joe Cox on Unsplash

Every culture has its own interpretation of what the blue jay means, but one thing is for sure: this bird is a sign of good luck. For Native Americans, seeing a blue jay on your path signifies that you are headed in the right direction.

The Aztecs believed that they were messengers from their god Quetzalcoatl, and Chinese folklore says that it was actually an ancient man who transformed into a blue jay to escape from his enemies.


Cardinals are always considered to be lucky in the sense that they symbolize warmth, vitality and joyfulness. In fact, many people believe that seeing one of these birds can lead to having all three things.

In America, the cardinal is most often seen as a harbinger of springtime renewal and rejuvenation. The male’s brilliant red plumage brightens any dull winter day or snowy evening with its striking beauty.


In most cultures, the magpie is regarded as a symbol of good luck and fortune because it was said to be able to foretell future events. The belief that seeing a magpie brings good luck is based on the tradition that they only appear when something fortunate will happen in your life.

Magpies can also be seen as bringers of peace since they live in groups with their own hierarchy which all get along peacefully.


Roosters are seen as a sign of good luck in many cultures. In Ireland, if you see a rooster crowing at the break of dawn, it is said to be a good omen and will bring good fortune for the day ahead. Similarly, in Japan they believe that seeing a white rooster brings prosperity and wealth to whoever sees it.

In Japanese culture, a single rooster crowing calls out in the early hours of the morning are seen as heralding good luck for those that see it.


People say that if you see a group of ducks in the sky, then it is a sign that you will have an abundance of money coming your way soon. This has been the case for centuries. Ducks in ancient times were symbols of fertility, life, happiness, love and peace.

The superstition surrounding ducks is an old one but still very popular today. In some parts of Asia, a single duck is used as an auspicious symbol to bring good luck. Some cultures believe that if you see a group of seven ducks, then they represent great wealth or happiness coming your way!


White Dove
Photo by Douglas Bagg on Unsplash

Doves are a sign of good luck. The Romans thought that they could predict the future and often left them as offerings to gods. They also used doves for sacrifice, which was their way of asking the gods for protection and guidance in battle.

Doves were considered symbols of peace by many different cultures such as the Egyptians, Greeks, Celts, Assyrians and Hebrews who associated them with hope or joy because they represent purity and innocence.


American Robin
Photo by Trac Vu on Unsplash

Robins are a sign of good luck, so says an old Irish saying. “The robin is unlucky only once.” In Ireland and the United Kingdom, the sight of a robin has traditionally been taken as a harbinger of good fortune.

In fact, in Scotland there’s even an old rhyme that goes: “First Robin Redbreast in Spring, Lucky for some and unlucky for none.”The earliest known written reference to this legend comes from 1884.


downy woodpecker
Photo by Johnson Chung on Unsplash

Woodpeckers are a great way to start the day with positive energy and good luck. Woodpeckers have been known for bringing wealth, fertility, happiness, healing power and protection against evil spirits or bad fortune.

The sight of a woodpecker brings joy and happiness to its viewers, and it also means that someone will soon receive some type of gift or money from another person. Many cultures around the world believe in this legend, but it has become especially popular in North America over time.


Photo by Henry Dinardo on Unsplash

Owls are often associated with good luck, fortune and wisdom. Some people believe that the owl’s ability to see in the dark is a sign of protection against evil spirits. For some cultures, they represent the guardian of the night and are believed to be a sign that someone is watching over you.

Others believe that seeing an owl in your dream means good fortune will come your way soon. In Ancient Greece, people believed that the owl was a messenger from the gods.


Sandhill crane
Photo by Edwin Hooper on Unsplash

Cranes are the symbol of good luck. In some cultures, they’re thought to bring a prosperous future and signify good fortune. Cranes are also associated with rebirth because they mate for life and their offspring typically survive into adulthood; therefore, when one crane dies another is born.

They have always been considered symbols of peace and happiness and represent eternal love. Cranes are often seen around weddings because people believe it will bring good fortune to them.


Photo by Gibran Hamdan on Unsplash

In ancient times, people believed that peacocks could predict good or bad luck and would protect their homes from evil spirits. It is also said that if a person who has recently committed an unpardonable sin sees a peacock, he will be forgiven for his sins by Buddha.

In Chinese culture, it is said that “A flock of peacocks dances on the lawn.” This means that all goes well with someone’s life.


Storks are a popular symbol of good luck in many cultures. This is due to the stork’s association with babies and fertility. The ancient Greeks, for example, believed that if a mother had 10 children she would be rewarded by being turned into a stork.

Storks have been delivering babies to families since Ancient Greece, when they were seen as harbingers of fertility and happiness because their nests were often full of baby birds.


Pigeons are often seen as symbols of good luck and wealth. For example, in Hinduism, it is considered bad luck to kill pigeons because they represent peace. In some cultures, such as American culture and European culture, pigeons have been associated with a symbol for luck since ancient times.

In Christianity for example, it was believed that when Noah’s Ark landed on Mount Ararat, the first bird to set foot on dry land was a pigeon.


Image by erwin nowak from Pixabay

Many cultures around the world have legends that depict swallows as a symbol of good luck. In China, people believe that if they see a swallow in their house, it will bring them happiness and prosperity. In Japan, there is an old saying that says, “The swallow returns to its nest only when all is well.”

One very famous belief is that swallows returning to their nests before sunset brings good luck for fishermen on the water, while some people believe that having a swallow nest near your home symbolizes protection from fire or other calamities, such as storms or lightning strikes.


Image by Domenic Hoffmann from Pixabay

Hummingbirds are a symbol of good luck. In ancient times, the hummingbird was considered to be an omen for fertility and prosperity. They have been revered in many cultures for their beauty and strength.

They also represent a sense of lightness, freedom, swiftness, intelligence and agility which can serve as inspiration for those who find themselves faced with obstacles on their journey through life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the spiritual meaning of a bird flying in your house?

The appearance of a bird in your house is often interpreted as a sign from the Divine. The many species of birds all have their own symbolism, and understanding these meanings can help you determine what type of message the presence of this creature could be sending to you. A dove symbolizes peace and love, while ravens represent knowledge and wisdom. Swallows are typically associated with good luck or happiness, but some cultures see them as harbingers for death or bad fortune.

Which bird is considered as a symbol of peace?

The dove is the symbol of peace. Doves are often used as a sign of peace, love and friendship. It is also one of the most common symbols in religion, with examples such as Noah’s Ark or The Holy Spirit. The dove has been an emblematic animal for centuries and its meaning has evolved over time from being a representation of lust to being a symbol for freedom, tolerance and even rebirth.

Are crows good luck?

Some people believe that seeing a crow is good luck. The legend goes that if you see a black bird flying overhead, then the bird has come to bring you luck and happiness. In some cultures, crows are believed to be messengers of the gods or symbols of fertility and protection. However, there are also many cultures who associate crows with death or misfortune because they believe these birds carry away human souls.

What does a bluebird represent spiritually?

Many people believe that the bluebird is a spiritual animal. It can symbolize hope, love, peace, happiness, and purity to many people. Some people also think that it brings good luck or represents healing to them personally.

Are hawks good luck or bad luck?

If you have a hawk in your yard, it means good luck. There are many legends about hawks that range from the bird being an animal of power to bring happiness and wealth. In fact, many Native American tribes believe that the hawk has supernatural powers to keep evil spirits away. The most common belief is that when a person sees a Hawk for the first time, they will be blessed with good fortune.

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