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About the Author: Introducing Vince S, the accomplished founder and esteemed author of Learn Bird Watching, with an extraordinary 30-year legacy in the art of birding.

Vince’s unwavering mission is to empower fellow bird enthusiasts, sharing a wealth of knowledge and guidance cultivated through decades of passionate birdwatching.

Meet the Author: Vince S

Vince S

Quora Enthusiast

Vince is not only a celebrated author but also a respected figure in the birding community. His pivotal role as a dedicated moderator and contributor to Quora’s Bird Watchers’ Club has left an indelible mark.

His insightful responses have captivated the avian community, amassing over 440,000 views and garnering more than 2,670 upvotes.

Whether you are a novice birder eager to spread your wings or a seasoned avian aficionado, Vince’s expertise is at your service.

Scholarly and News Recognition

Furthermore, Vince’s impact extends beyond the realms of both scholarship and news. His blog, renowned for its comprehensive articles like ‘Do Owls Eat Raccoons?‘ and ‘Birds That Eat Dragonflies,’ has received the distinct honor of being referenced on Wikipedia and Chinese Wikipedia.

Moreover, his expertise has garnered acknowledgment from APNews, citing his article ‘29 Birds That Eat Pumpkin Seeds‘ in ‘Pumpkins can be composted, donated to farms, fed to wildlife.’ Yahoo News and USA TODAY have also recognized Vince’s authoritative stance in the field by referencing him in their article ‘Are Birds Mammals?

This recognition as a reputable source and trusted expert reflects the caliber of Vince’s expertise and the excellence of his content. The citations on Wikipedia, APNews, and USA TODAY underscore his authoritative position, reaffirming his status as a respected figure in the realm of birdwatching.

Your Birding Companion

Incorporating this wealth of experience and recognition, Vince stands as a distinguished figure in the realm of birdwatching, ready to share his profound insights with you.

Whether you’re seeking to embark on your birdwatching journey or enhance your avian knowledge, Vince is your trusted companion in the world of birds.