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What are Bird Watcher’s Called? (Solved & Explained)

You’ve probably heard these terms many times, but you don’t know which ones really belong. If you’re one of those who have a passion for birdwatching, but you’re not too sure if this is a hobby you’ll be happy with, then you might want to consider thinking it is.

Bird watchers are people that spend their days and nights looking at birds and trying to get close enough to them to be able to learn about them. It is no doubt that bird watchers enjoy watching birds that are in the woods or on a field or near their home.

However, bird watchers can also be called people that take an interest in the behavior of birds. Many bird watchers actually do have a fascination for all sorts of different birds.

And because of their interest, they have taken a liking to observing birds and their behavior, and they know exactly how to capture the essence of a rare bird in a picture and put it up online where other bird watchers can find it.

It’s not unusual to see several types of bird watchers at the same place. But sometimes, one or two types can easily take over the rest of the crowd because they know exactly what they want to see, and they can do it from a certain vantage point.

What do bird watchers call themselves?

Bird Watchers choose different names for themselves. Some of them refer to themselves ornithologists, bird watchers, twitchers, birders, lister or ticker. Other watchers like birder and avian enthusiasts prefer to be called bird watcher.

They all have their own specific reason for using the term they use which is determined by what level of knowledge they have about birds as well as how much time they spend looking at them and researching information on them.

What do bird watchers call themselves that they don’t like?

Some of them don’t want to be referred to as bird watchers, they simply call themselves birders. Some birds watchers don’t call themselves bird watchers at all.

What does the term bird watcher mean?

Birdwatching or birding means going outside to enjoy watching birds. It is a popular hobby. Someone who does this may be called a bird watcher, although some people prefer the term “bird enthusiast.”

The most common activity of a bird watcher is listening for and identifying birds by their calls and songs.

Bird watchers also look at the shape, size, coloration, behavior, habitat and geographic location of different species of birds. They also watch how these birds interact with each other.

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Image by Kenneth Schulze from Pixabay

What’s the difference between a bird watcher and birding?

Another term that bird watchers use to describe themselves is birder which refers to someone who is an amateur who has a passion for bird watching as a recreational activity.

A birder may take a class or learn about bird watching from a specialist who teaches them about their own particular passion. 

What is the difference between a bird watcher and ornithologist?

A lot of bird watchers refer to themselves as an amateur ornithologist, because they observe the life of birds around them and learn new things about it.

When someone says that they are an ornithologist, they usually have a degree in study of ornithology, or an associated field.

  • Bird Watcher Definition

The activity of birdwatching is to observe and enjoy birds in their natural habitat. Bird watchers are often interested in a particular species, group of species, or types of habitats.

They may also be engaged in long-term projects such as compiling the life history of a particular species. Bird watchers usually go out in groups and observe different species of birds in their natural habitat.

They keep track of what kind of species they have seen on any given day, because it helps them see how many types are present

  • Ornithologist Definition

Ornithology is the study of birds. Ornithologists are people who study birds as a career. An ornithologist is someone who studies or has studied birds, but that’s not all there is to it.

An ornithologist might have a PhD in biology and focus on one particular type of bird like vultures or hummingbirds, while another might be an amateur birder with an interest in many types of birds.

Some ornithologists are professors at colleges and universities, zoos, museums, and nature centers to help conserve these animals for future generations to enjoy.

What is the difference between a bird watcher and a twitcher?

What is a Twitcher?

A twitcher is a type of birder who is trying to add as many bird species as they can to their life list. A person with this goal will go through great lengths and may even travel far distances just for the opportunity to spot new birds.

They also tend to take part in competitive events, such as “Big Days” or chasing rare birds called “rarity chase.” These types of people are often looked down upon by other more traditional birders

What is a Bird Watcher?

A Birdwatcher is a person who takes up the hobby of bird watching. The activity of birdwatching is to spot and enjoy birds in their native habitat. Bird watchers are often interested in a particular species, group of species, or types of habitats.

The definition of a bird watcher can vary depending on the individual’s interest level, however it is typically someone who watches and enjoys birds outside with binoculars or other equipment for viewing purposes only.