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Top Bird Feeders for Rainy Weather 2024: Tested & Rated!

Prepare your backyard for rainy days with our curated selection of the best bird feeders designed to withstand wet conditions. In this guide, we’ve tested and rated the top bird feeders that excel in rainy weather, ensuring your feathered visitors stay nourished and happy, rain or shine.

Best Bird Feeders For Rainy Weather

SKY CAFE Bird Feeder, Large Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder, Durable 17" Diameter Clear Dome, by Arundale Products

Arundale The Sky Café

Arundale The Sky Café Dome Wild Bird Feeder has a 360° dome to protect seed from the rain and snow. The seed will be protected from all four sides. This feeder makes it more comfortable for the birds to eat.

It is designed in a unique way that it opens onto a wide tray. This tray provides them a place to perch comfortably while eating. It is also equipped with a large capacity bucket that can provide adequate food for longer duration without or with fewer trips to refill it.

Its dome squirrel proof design mean you can place it anywhere you want to watch the birds, be it on a tree, post or mounted on your house or garage.

Standout Features:

⦁ Large capacity – hold 4 to 5 pounds (mixed seeds, sunflower, safflower etc.)
⦁ No assembly required – Just hang it up using an S-hook and fill it up with seed.
⦁ Fully enclosed seed tray with sloped roof and drainage hole to keep seed dry and fresh.
⦁ Chew proof galvanized steel support wire.
⦁ Dome to protect seed from rain.

Birds Choice NP435 Classic Feeder, Hanging Bird Feeder w/ Baffle/Weatherguard, 1.2 Gallons, Green

Birds Choice Classic Bird Feeder

Constructed of high-quality materials, the Classic Hanging Feeder has a large seed reservoir with 6″ UV Resistant polycarbonate, which is sure to last and resist yellowing.

The Classic Hanging Feeder holds 1.2 gallons (5 lbs.) of seed, and can easily be filled from the top thanks to a convenient hinged top lid. A built-in perch and four seed ports hold large quantities of sunflower seeds, peanuts or other favorite blends of birdseed to minimize refilling.

A weather guard helps protect against those rainy days and keep birdseed dry, and the built-in seed diverter in the center of the large seed reservoir ensures that seed flows evenly to all ports.

Standout Features:

⦁ The baffles keep the seed inside the feeder from getting wet in bad weather.
⦁ It also makes this bird feeder squirrel-proof, so you don’t have to worry about them stealing all your seed!
⦁ Has a UV resistant polycarbonate reservoir that won’t crack, fade or yellow.
⦁ Holds up to 5 pounds of seed. (mixed seeds, sunflower, safflower etc.)

Perky-Pet 334-1SR Squirrel-Be-Gone Max Large Wild Bird Feeder with Flexports, Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder with Weight-Activated Perches - 4LB Seed Capacity

Perky-Pet Squirrel-Be-Gone Max Feeder

Perky-Pet Squirrel-Be-Gone feeds birds and keeps squirrels at bay. Its feeding ports prevent seed spillage, while four feeding stations allow multiple birds to dine simultaneously. The patented Flexports are weather resistant and feature a ladder-style perch that accommodates a variety of bird sizes.

A weight-activated closing mechanism closes off ports under the weight of a squirrel, keeping them away from seed. This durable feeder is constructed of long-lasting materials and holds up to 4 lbs. of mixed seed, black-oil sunflower seeds, sunflower chips or safflower seed.

This feeder comes with Sure-Lock caps to keep out squirrels, yet it’s easy enough for us to open and close. Hang it from the sturdy, coated wire hanger on a tree or pole, using at least 18 inches of clearance on all sides to keep away from jumping animals. It’s easy to take care of – just remove the twist-off lid and wide mouth reservoir for cleaning.

Standout Features:

⦁ Weather resistant design.
⦁ Squirrel proof
⦁ Four feeding stations with Flexports prevent seed spillage.
⦁ Holds up to 4 pounds of seed. (mixed seeds, sunflower, safflower etc.)
⦁ Easy to clean and refill with its twist off lid.

North States Village Collection Hopper Style Outhouse Birdfeeder: Easy Fill and Clean. Squirrel Proof Hanging Cable included. Large, 4.25 pound Seed Capacity (8.13 x 8.13 x 11, Brown)

North States Village Collection Hopper Style Outhouse Birdfeeder

The Village Collection Hopper Style Outhouse squirrel-proof Bird feeder from North States is a durable and attractive hanging bird feeder for keeping your favorite feathered friends fed, clean, and protected from rain.

This handmade bird feeder features a “Happy Hopper” style roof, which includes a detachable seed tray that holds 4.25 lbs. of high-quality wild bird seed. The 4.25-lb. seed hopper ensures fresh feed every time, while the removable roof with perch allows you to clean out any old seeds at the end of each season.

The all-weather UV resistant plastic construction is durable, prevents yellowing, rot proof and completely waterproof to protect your investment year after year.

Standout Features:

⦁ Includes a squirrel-proof hanging cable wire will keep squirrels from stealing your seed.
⦁ Large seed tray/perch is removable for easy clean out.
⦁ Easy to clean and refill.
⦁ Holds 4.25 pounds of seed. (mixed seeds, sunflower, safflower etc.)

Birdream Bird Feeders for Outdoors Hanging, Metal Bird Feeder Outdoor Waterproof Wild Bird Feeders Hanging for Garden Yard Decorations

Birdream Bird Feeder

The Birdream is a bird feeder designed to be simple to use, convenient for the birds and for you. Unlike most bird feeders, it does not use any locks or latches. You simply lift the lid to fill it up with seeds, close the lid and fill crumbs on the tray to attract birds.

It lets you hang it anywhere you can find a place to hang.
There are four ports and perches, so you can have multiple birds eat out of it at once.

The acrylic container lets sunlight in and keeps the temperatures warm, which helps keep seeds fresh. Simultaneously, the no lock design prevents squirrels or other wild creatures from opening and stealing seeds.

Standout Features:

⦁ Comes fully assembled and ready to hang.
⦁ Holds 1-2 lb of seeds (mixed seeds, sunflower, safflower etc.)
⦁ Weather resistant, and protects birds from rain and snow when feeding.
⦁ Has four feed ports and perches for multiple birds at once.
⦁ The no lock design, stop squirrels, and lets you lift the lid to easily fill bird seeds.
⦁ There are drainage holes on the tray, preventing water from pooling.

Woodlink NABBFDR Audubon Dome Top Seed and Bluebird Feeder

Woodlink Audubon Dome Top Seed and Bluebird Feeder

With its adjustable dome, the Audubon Dome Top is a safe and secure place for songbirds to feed with minimal squirrel interference. Its tough polycarbonate construction does not dissolve in acidic bird droppings, won’t chip, crack or yellow over time.

The large tray holds 1.5 pounds of any seed, mealworms, fruit or suet and is removable for fast cleaning without having to disassemble the entire feeder. All parts are easy to clean with just soap and water.

This feeder will enhance your bird watching experience while providing years of maintenance free feeding. Some assembly is required.

Standout Features:

⦁ Dome protects birds and food from rain and snow.
⦁ Heavy-duty UV resistant polycarbonate.
⦁ Large tray holds 1.5 pounds of seed, mealworms, fruit or suet.
⦁ Easy to assemble.
⦁ Great design. Attracts all kinds of birds.

Best Rain Guards For Bird Feeders

If you’re having trouble finding the best rain guards for bird feeders, this guide will help you. It will present you with the top 4 rain guards on the market right now, as well as cover some of the most important things you need to consider before buying one.

Birds Choice WGORANGE Weatherguard, Weather-Resistant Acrylic Bird Feeder Weatherguard, 13", Orange…

Birds Choice Protective Acrylic Weatherguard

Worried about the weather getting your seeds wet? No need to worry anymore. The durable and attractive Birds Choice acrylic weather guard hangs above any small feeder to protect the seed against bad weather.

The baffle measures 13″ round and is 1/8″ thick, and made of high quality, durable acrylic. It is easily mounted on any large plastic or small wooden bird feeder using the included brass hardware, and comes in beautiful translucent colors.

Aspects 264 Weather Dome

Aspects 264 Weather Dome

When you’re outfitting a new bird feeder or adding a feeder to your backyard, it’s important to protect it from the elements. The Aspects 264 bird feeder Weather Dome is designed to shield any small or medium-sized bird feeder from rain and snow, while also providing full visibility and accessibility for your feathered friends.

Made from UV stabilized polycarbonate, this bird feeder dome is the strongest and most durable plastic available, guaranteeing that birds will still be able to enjoy seed year round.

Woodlink 16 Clear Plastic Baffle Hang or Pole Mount Model WLCLBAF16

Woodlink 16″ Baffle

The Woodlink 16″ Baffle is a great weather shield to help keep your birdseed dry and deter squirrels that try to knock feeders off the pole. Designed to hang above the bird feeder, this clear squirrel baffle shields the seed from inclement weather while deterring squirrels from climbing down to the feeder. Suspend directly from pole with included dual hook hanger or screw on to any ½” to 1 3/8″ diameter pole, for best results pole mount at approximately 5′ high below feeder or birdhouse.

The durable plastic construction makes it ideal for year round use, while the steel hanger will withstand its elements. This is a must-have item for anyone that has a feeder outside their window where they want to be able to see birds but also want them protected from weather conditions and animals that could be a danger.

AUDUBON NACLBAF16 Clear Squirrel Baffle, 16-Inch

AUDUBON Clear Squirrel Baffle, 16-Inch

This clear Squirrel Baffle for hanging bird feeders is specifically designed for protecting standard size or larger hanging feeders from rain, snow and especially squirrels. Its 16-inch diameter and clever pole mount design allow it to be used as a weather shield or pole mounted baffle.

Made of UV stabilized, long-lasting polycarbonate, the Squirrel Baffle provides an unobstructed view of all your birds without the squirrels! Made in the USA!


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