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Top 10 Bird Feeders for Large Birds in 2024: Our Top Picks!

Attracting large birds to your backyard requires the right feeder designed to accommodate their size and feeding habits. In this guide, we’ve curated a list of the 10 best bird feeders specifically tailored for large birds. From robust designs to ample feeding space, these feeders are sure to delight your bigger feathered friends.

Best Bird Feeders For Large Birds

Droll Yankees 21964205201 787461785928 Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder, Yankee Whipper, 28-Inch, 4 P, Evening Blue

Droll Yankees Yankee Whipper

The squirrel-proof Droll Yankee Whipper bird feeder lets birds eat without squirrels gaining access to their meal. Its four gently curved perches allow birds to feed, but will cave in from the weight of a squirrel.

The Yankee Whipper can hold up to 5 pounds of birdseed and has an internal baffle that distributes the seed evenly to four feeding ports. The feeder features a UV-stabilized polycarbonate tube that won’t yellow over time, in addition to a metal base and a powder-coated coat that resists chipping and fading.

The Feed Tube Bird Feeder’s twisted metal loops offer stability to reduce seed from spilling and prevent squirrels from damaging it. The unit stands 8-3/4″ by 8-3/4″ by 28″ inches, and the Yankee Whipper is made in the USA and backed by a lifetime warranty against squirrel damage.

Mosloly Wild Bird Feeders Metal Outside - 7lbs Large Retractable Mesh Hanging Feeders Squirrel Proof, Blue Bird/Cardinal Wildlife Feeder, Attracts Birds(Brown)

Mosloly Large Wild Bird Feeder

If you love birds but don’t want to worry about your bird feeder falling over or attracting unwanted pests, this 5 lb. capacity metal bird feeder with 6 perches can be the perfect solution.

It is made of heavy-duty stainless steel and iron, so it can withstand the toughest weather and last for many years. The detachable wide opening lid is easy to filling and cleaning, while the waterproof gazebo lid and bottom drainage holes design ensure that the seed stays dry and fresh no matter what kind of weather you experience during the months ahead.

The grid design is perfect for attracting cardinals, mockingbirds, chickadees and other species, which makes this one of our most popular models!

Perky-Pet 325SCOMBO-1SR Large 2-Tier Outdoor Panorama Wild Bird Feeder with Hanging Hook - 4.5 lb Seed Capacity

Perky-Pet 2-Tier Panorama Bird Feeder

Invite birds to your yard with Perky-Pet’s Perky-Bird 2-Tier Panorama Bird Feeder, which can give multiple birds a place to feed. It’s sleek and beautiful, and comes with room for every bird.

This two-tiered feeder allows you to place different types of food in each compartment, so you can draw a variety of birds at once. A circular perch provides space for plenty of birds to feed, while the Sure Lock cap locks the lid in place to keep squirrels from raiding the food.

The antique finish makes a stunning accent to any garden that’s perfect for completing your outside decor or gifting to your favorite bird lover.

More Birds 38113 B001M7P3N4 Stokes Select, Giant Combo Outdoor Feeder, 2 Seed Com, Black

More Birds Giant Combo Bird Feeder

This is the perfect bird feeder! The More Birds Giant Combo Bird Feeder attracts more birds than anyone can imagine. This unique feeding station offers your feathered friends a selection of feeding areas, giving them ample space to feed while they enjoy a meal.

This giant combo feeder features two large feeding compartments, each capable of holding over 8 quarts of seed. Designed with drainage holes in each compartment, this is a perfect home for busy birds and one that helps keep their food fresh and dry.

The seed diverter helps keep seed moving into the feeding areas. This feeder attracts your favorite backyard birds including cardinals, grosbeaks, buntings, chickadees and much more!

Woodlink PRO4 Premier Cedar Bird Feeder, Brown

Woodlink PRO4 Premier Cedar Bird Feeder

The Premier Cedar Bird Feeder is a beautiful addition to any yard and can be used to attract a variety of large birds. This robust feeder holds up to 11 pounds of mixed seed and offers a practical solution to large bird feeding needs, offering appetite appeal during daily monitoring.

Crafted from re-forested, kiln dried, inland red cedar with zinc chromate screws, and anodized aluminum roof hinge for long-lasting durability. The roof hinge opens easily and shuts securely, and the perforated screen bottom removes for easy cleaning.

This durable feeder will last for years to come and will provide hours of entertainment for your family or friends.

Best Hanging Bird Feeder for Large Birds

Bird Feeders for Outdoors Hanging, Joymon Metal Wild Bird Feeder 6.8 lbs Large Capacity Heavy Duty Water Resistance Hanging Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder for 360° Feeding for Bird Lovers - Red

Joymon Metal Wild Bird Feeder

Your outside space is your perfect garden, and it’s time to make it spectacular. Get the perfect bird feeder to attract birds this season with the Joymon Wild Bird Feeder.

Made from high-quality metal, this feeder is corrosion resistant and will last for years. It’s easy to fill and holds up to 6.8 pounds of seed, so you can get started attracting birds right away.

It also has a durable steel mesh that protects seeds from moisture, keeping them fresh longer than other traditional feeders. And with plenty of perches and drainage holes, your grounds are sure to be occupied by many different types of birds!

Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder for Large Birds

H-F Green Absolute II Two Sided Feeder With Windows

Absolute II Two Sided Feeder

The Absolute II Two Sided Feeder is a favorite among birds and backyard birders! With a durable steel body and locking top, this feeder will stand up to the rigors of squirrels or raccoons while protecting your feed from the elements.

Constructed of the highest quality baked-on powder coated finish. It has a special TopLoc feature that conveniently holds the lid open for easy filling or cleaning and an easy squeeze latch releases the lid then swing the lid open to locking position.

This feeder holds over 12 pounds of various seeds, meaning less frequent refilling! The easy-to-use latch opens the lid and then swings it shut, locking it in position.

Best Audubon Bird Feeder

Audubon 74240 Chalet Metal Hopper Bird Feeder

Audubon 74240 Chalet Metal Hopper Bird Feeder

The Audubon, double-sided double feeder is a very well-known hopper and attracts many different bird species to your yard. When two sides are available for dining, it allows the birds to eat in peace, with a worry.

The basin protects the food from moisture and can accommodate up to 4 pounds of a variety of mixed seeds, sunflower seeds, peanut halves, or safflower for less frequent filling.

Both sides feature a hanging loop for easy placement on tree branches or outdoor stands. It comes with a baffle that stops birds from excavating food out of the bird feeder, eliminating waste. This durable, chew-resistant blue powder coated steel body will last for many years.

Best Platform Bird Feeder

Woodlink Going Green Platform Bird Feeder Model GGPLAT

Woodlink Going Green Platform Bird Feeder

Your backyard birds won’t be able to resist the freedom and accessibility of this hinged platform feeder by Woodlink. This feeder’s innovative design enables birds to fly from all sides of the feeder, so they can really enjoy their meal.

Designed with a powder-coated metal screen bottom that allows drainage while keeping seed in place, it’s screwed together construction means it will last for years to come.

It even comes hung with an attached hook and cable system, so you can set it up right away! Made in USA with up to 90-percent post-consumer recycled plastic.

Perky-Pet 50178 Hanging Tray Bird Feeder

Perky-Pet 50178 Hanging Tray Bird Feeder

When it comes to bird feeding, bigger is better! The Perky-Pet 50178 Hanging Tray Bird Feeder holds up to 1.6 lb of seed and has an open design that accommodates larger birds that are unable to perch at smaller feeders.

It’s great for feeding many species that prefer ground feeding, while also holding meal worms, fruits and other treats your feathered friends enjoy.

Featuring a sturdy wood frame and metal mesh bottom, this versatile feeder will remain balanced under the weight of large birds that stop to dine.


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