American Robin perched on a tree branch.

Top 5 Bird Feeders for Robins: Your Ultimate Guide!

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the 5 best bird feeders specifically designed for attracting robins. These feeders offer the perfect blend of functionality and design to cater to the unique feeding habits of these delightful birds.

American Robin (Overview)

American Robins are one of the most recognizable birds in North America, with their distinctive orange breast, gray-brown back, and white eye-ring. These birds are known for their sweet, melodic songs, which can be heard throughout their range.


American Robins are medium-sized birds, measuring around 10 inches in length and weighing approximately 2.7 ounces. In addition to their orange breast and gray-brown back, they have a white belly and dark wings with white patches. They also have a relatively long, thin bill that they use to catch and eat insects.

Range and Habitats

American Robins can be found throughout North America, from Alaska to Mexico, and from the Atlantic to the Pacific coast. They are typically found in a variety of habitats, including forests, fields, gardens, and parks.


American Robins are omnivores, with a diet that varies depending on the season. In the spring and summer, they primarily eat insects, including earthworms, beetles, and caterpillars. In the fall and winter, they switch to a diet of fruit, including berries, apples, and crabapples.

Habits and Behaviors

American Robins are active birds that are often seen hopping around on lawns and in gardens. They are known for their distinctive bobbing motion, which they use to search for insects in the ground. They also have a unique way of finding food in trees and bushes, which involves tilting their head to one side and scanning the area for ripe fruit. In the winter, they often flock together to search for food and roost together for warmth.

Best Bird Feeders For Robins

Woodlink 3 in 1 Platform Bird Feeder

Woodlink 3 in 1 Platform Bird Feeder

The 3-in-1 Platform Feeder is one of the most popular platforms for feeding Robins around. These feeders a versatile solution to bird feeding, because you have 3 options for setting it up: hang from its included metal cable with hook to hang the feeder from a tree branch or handy structure, or mount on a pole (not included), or use the folded metal legs to place it on the ground.

A removable metal screen at the bottom allows for drainage and easy cleaning, while the open design makes filling the feeder a breeze. The folded metal legs can be opened and closed for use on ground level, making this a flexible feeding station for year round feeding.

Nature's Way Bird Products CWF3 Cedar Platform Tray Bird Feeder 12" x 12"

Nature’s Way Bird Products Cedar Platform Tray Bird Feeder

The Birds Choice CWF3 Cedar Platform Tray Bird Feeder is the perfect way to provide your birds with fresh, healthy food. This cedar feeder has been designed to keep the elements out preventing mold and bacteria, while allowing easy access to seeds, helping you attract and feed robins, nuthatches and woodpeckers.

Keep your bird feeder neat and clean with its 4.5 pound seed capacity. Featuring a wide tray, this feeder holds a variety of seed mixes including sunflower seeds, mixed seeds and peanuts, as well as millet and other small seeds. The large opening makes it easy to fill and prevents spills—keeping your bird feeder tidy and attractive.

JOSANLO Ground and Hanging Bird Feeder Tray - Can Mount on Patio Handrail - Sturdy Black Metal Mesh Tray - for Wild Bird Seed Feeding - Complete with Re-usable Nylon Ties

JOSANLO Ground and Hanging Bird Feeder Tray

The JOSANLO ground and hanging bird feeder tray is a handy way to attract and feed birds. It has two easy-to-fasten chains and patio nylon ties that let you quickly hang the stable structure on your deck railing, creating a feeding ground that will last much longer than most other feeders. The durable, lightweight design features two sturdy steel legs on the bottom for support.

This feeder features a rust resistant metal mesh tray allows rain and moisture to drain away, allowing the bird food to stay fresh & dry. The raised edges prevent any seeds from spilling. The mesh is fine enough to keep even the smallest of seeds from escaping.

PIKADILA Ground Bird Feeder Tray - Large Feeding Bed for Birds (10.75 x 10.75 x 2.5 inches) - Complete with Reusable Nylon Ties and Anchors for Securing The Tray

PIKADILA Ground Bird Feeder Tray

The PIKADILA ground tray feeder is designed to catch the attention of birds, no matter where you live. Featuring a sleekly-designed metal body and durable finish, this ground tray feeder provides the perfect feed for garden birds.  

Easy to fill, simple to clean and suitable for a range of birds, including robins and sparrows, this high-quality product provides top-notch value, making it suitable for use in all locations. The unique tray design makes it ideal for use in gardens, parks and other outdoor areas where the ground is reasonably flat.

Seefun Hanging Bird Bath for Outdoors Glass Bowl Wildbird Dish Feeder for Garden, Patio and Yard, Flower

Seefun Hanging Bird Bath Outdoor Glass Bowl Feeder

Handmade with decor over its entirety, the SeeFun hanging bath is easy to be installed on any place or fence with a chain (chain not included) It’s the perfect thing you need to create a bird friendly habitat in your garden. It comes with a petal edged, gorgeous color and a central flower pattern.

This hanging bowl can attract different kinds of birds, like robins, goldfinches and woodpeckers that will absolutely love it . Besides, its shallow edges allow for easy clean up of bird droppings or dirt inside the bowl. This bath can also be filled with seeds to attract birds.

How to make a Robin feeder?

Many people in North America, Europe and Asia are looking for ways to attract robins to their gardens. One way is by providing a place where they can feed. I will show you how to make a robin feeder with just 10 easy steps!

  • 1) Remove the lid from an old margarine container or a large yogurt container.
  • 2) Fill it halfway with mixed birdseed or sunflower seeds.
  • 3) Punch two holes on opposite sides of the top of the container.
  • 4) Tie twine or string through the holes to form a loop
  • 5) Tie one end of the string onto an overhanging branch, deck railing, porch beam etc.
  • 6) Hang up your bird feeder
  • 7) Place it at eye level
  • 8) Put out seed every day
  • 9) Visit occasionally
  • 10) Enjoy

What is the best food to feed Robins?

To keep robins coming back to your garden or patio sunflower seed, banana, grapes, apple slices, raisins, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, or cherries and meal worms need to be part of the menu. Use these tasty mixtures which are specially made for wild birds, and you can’t go wrong. Just sprinkle it out on a tray and wait for the robins to arrive.

Do Robins eat sunflower seeds?

Many people enjoy feeding their backyard birds sunflower seeds. But do robins eat sunflower seeds? It turns out that they do, and the best time to feed them is in the morning or at dusk. Robins will also come to a bird feeder containing peanuts and corn kernels for variety.

What fruit do Robins eat?

Robins have been known to eat blueberries, grapes, cherries, raspberries, apples, strawberries, oranges and bananas.

Where do you place a robin feeder?

  • Ground level is best, but up to 5 feet high is okay, and near to some cover.
  • Place your bird feeder near bushes, hedges or trees with leaves.
  • Position your bird feeder, so it is not exposed on all sides.

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