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Free Printable Bird Watching Checklist for Iowa!

Iowa, known for its expansive prairies, scenic river valleys, and diverse wetlands, is a haven for birdwatchers. With varied habitats, Iowa offers unparalleled opportunities for avian enthusiasts to explore and document their sightings. Whether you’re a novice birder or an experienced ornithologist, our interactive bird checklist, featuring the 100 most common birds in Iowa, enhances your birdwatching experience in the Hawkeye State. Start your birding adventure today and discover the avian treasures of Iowa!

Using Our Interactive Bird Checklist

Our interactive bird checklist is an essential tool for anyone interested in exploring Iowa’s rich birdlife. It is user-friendly and accessible on both desktop and mobile devices, allowing you to:

  • Track Bird Sightings: Easily log your bird observations as you explore different habitats in Iowa. From the Loess Hills to the Mississippi River wetlands, our checklist helps you keep a detailed record of your birdwatching adventures.
  • Save and Share Your Checklist: Save your progress directly on your device, making it easy to update and review your sightings anytime. Share your birding experiences with friends, family, and fellow bird enthusiasts on social media to inspire others to appreciate Iowa’s diverse avian life.
  • Print or Download Your Checklist: Utilize the “Save as PDF” feature to create a printable version of your checklist. This allows you to maintain a physical record of your sightings or share a beautifully formatted checklist with others interested in Iowa’s bird species.
Bird Checklist for Iowa

Bird Checklist for Iowa

Why Use Our Bird Checklist?

Birdwatching in Iowa offers unique opportunities to observe a wide range of species in various habitats. Our checklist enhances your birdwatching journey by:

  • Improving Bird Identification Skills: Learn to identify Iowa’s bird species based on their distinctive features, behaviors, and calls. Explore the characteristics of iconic birds like the Eastern Bluebird, American Goldfinch, and Bald Eagle.
  • Supporting Conservation Efforts: Your birdwatching data contributes to citizen science projects and conservation efforts in Iowa. By documenting your sightings, you provide valuable information that helps protect and conserve bird populations and their habitats.

Start Your Birdwatching Adventure in Iowa

Whether you’re exploring the prairie grasslands of Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge, birding along the Des Moines River, or observing waterfowl at DeSoto National Wildlife Refuge, our checklist empowers you to:

  • Discover Diverse Habitats: Experience the varied birdlife in Iowa’s diverse ecosystems, from urban parks and agricultural fields to natural reserves and suburban backyards.
  • Participate in Local Birding Events: Stay updated on birdwatching events and activities in Iowa. Connect with local birding communities to share insights, sightings, and experiences with fellow birdwatchers.

Share Your Birdwatching Experiences

Celebrate Iowa’s avian diversity by sharing your birdwatching adventures with others. Use our checklist to showcase your sightings on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Encourage friends, family, and fellow nature enthusiasts to join you in exploring and appreciating Iowa’s remarkable birdlife.

Join Us in Protecting Iowa’s Birds

As you embark on your birdwatching journey across Iowa, remember that each observation contributes to our collective knowledge of bird populations and habitats. Embrace the opportunity to contribute to bird conservation efforts and promote environmental stewardship in Iowa and beyond.

Start Birdwatching Today with Our Checklist

Begin your exploration of Iowa’s avian wonders with our interactive bird checklist, featuring the 100 most common birds in the state. Whether you’re birding in your backyard in Des Moines or embarking on a birdwatching expedition in the scenic countryside, our checklist is your essential tool for documenting, learning, and sharing your birdwatching experiences in the Hawkeye State.


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