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What is a Group of Eagles Called? Find Out Now!

Eagles captivate us with their prowess in the sky. For centuries, their strength, speed, and grace have been admired. Yet, how do we refer to them when they gather? What term encapsulates a group of these magnificent beings?

Let’s embark on a discovery to unveil the names for a group of eagles. We’ll delve into their world, from solitary lives to intricate migratory behaviors and social connections. Through this exploration, we aim to find the term that accurately describes a group of these noble creatures.

Key Takeaways:

  • Eagles are majestic birds of prey known for their strength, agility, and beauty.
  • There is a collective term for a group of eagles.
  • Eagles have a fascinating social behavior and migratory patterns.
  • Understanding the collective term for eagles adds to their mystique.
  • Explore the world of eagles and appreciate their unique social interactions.
A group of eagles perched in a tree.

What is a group of eagles called?

A group of eagles can be referred to by various collective nouns. “A soar of eagles” and “a convocation of eagles” are the two most common terms used. The term “soar” reflects eagles’ behavior as they glide through the skies effortlessly. On the other hand, “convocation” signifies a large gathering, highlighting the significance of a group of eagles.

In addition to these terms, other unique and evocative collective nouns include “an aerie of eagles,” emphasizing their nesting behavior; “a jubilee of eagles,” suggesting a joyous and celebratory gathering; and “a tower of eagles,” evoking a majestic and imposing image of these magnificent birds.

For bald eagles specifically, there are two explicit terms for a gathering; “a return of bald eagles” and “a hairpiece or toupee of bald eagles.” These terms add a playful and memorable dimension to the lexicon of eagle groupings. The specific name for a group may vary by region or culture, contributing to the diverse linguistic landscape associated with these iconic birds.

Collective NounDefinition
A Soar of EaglesReflects the graceful flight behavior of eagles, as they soar through the skies.
A Convocation of EaglesSignifies a large gathering or assembly of eagles, highlighting their collective presence.
An Aerie of EaglesEmphasizes eagles’ nesting behavior, referring to a group in or near their nests.
A Jubilee of EaglesSuggests a joyous and celebratory gathering of eagles, evoking a sense of festivity.
A Tower of EaglesEvokes a majestic and imposing image of a group of eagles, highlighting their grandeur and strength.
A Return of Bald EaglesSpecifically for bald eagles, denotes a gathering, possibly hinting at their migratory patterns or annual gatherings.
A Hairpiece of Bald EaglesAnother specific term for bald eagles, adding a whimsical touch to the lexicon of eagle groupings.

Exploring the Majestic World of Eagles and Their Social Behavior

Eagles are recognized for their independence, preferring solitude or the company of a mate. Yet, they sometimes gather in groups for certain activities. Delving into their social habits reveals the distinct behaviors across species.

Eagles’ Solitary Nature vs. Sociable Occasions

The Golden Eagle is usually solitary, while the Bald Eagle tolerates and sometimes joins others. These social instances include hunting, defending territory, or communal roosting. Observing their interactions, one notes their cooperation, communication through sounds, and various displays.

Eagle Species: From Solitude to Socializing

Different eagles show unique social behaviors. The Harpy Eagle remains mostly alone, becoming social only to mate and nurture offspring. In contrast, the African Fish Eagle gathers in colonies for feeding and safety, thriving socially near water.

Migratory Patterns and Group Formations

The migration habits of eagles affect their social structures. During migrations, they form large flocks. This strategy boosts food discovery and enhances flying efficiency via shared knowledge. Watching these large groups in flight is truly captivating.

A group of eagles perched on a large rock.

Studying eagles’ social behaviors reveals their complex nature. Their behaviors range from solitude to group engagements, vital for their prosperity. The societal dynamics within eagle communities are fascinating, from male and female congregations to juvenile assemblies, each with its significance.

We will next explore the diverse terms for eagle groups. This discussion will highlight the elaborate lexicon tied to these magnificent creatures.


Eagles, with their formidable presence, stir both wonder and admiration in us. The unique terms describing their collectives enhance their mystique. Soar of eagles and convocation of eagles not only reflect their grace but also their significance.

Exploring eagles deeper, we uncover fascinating aspects of their life. These majestic birds symbolize strength, agility, and beauty. Beyond their proficiency in solitude, they exhibit complex social behaviors and collaboratively migrate.

When you see eagles together, ponder their specific group term. It sheds light on the beauty and intricacy of their interactions. Thus, a gathering of eagles is not merely coincidental but a spectacular natural phenomenon.

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