bird feeder with safflower seeds.

Top 5 Bird Feeders for Safflower Seeds: 2024 Edition!

Elevate your bird feeding experience with the ideal feeders for safflower seeds! Safflower seeds are a favorite among many bird species, offering a nutritious and less-messy option for backyard birdwatchers. In this guide, we’ve handpicked the top 5 bird feeders designed specifically for safflower seeds, ensuring you attract a diverse array of feathered visitors to your garden.

Best Bird Feeders for Safflower Seed

Squirrel Solution200 Squirrel-proof Bird Feeder w/6 Feeding Ports, 3.4-pound Seed Capacity, Free Seed Funnel

Squirrel Solution200 Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder

The Squirrel Solution 200 is the ultimate squirrel-proof bird feeder. Its innovative design prevents squirrels from gaining access to the food, while still providing a safe and comfortable environment for perching and clinging birds.

The 16-inch diameter of this feeder provides plenty of room for your feathered friends and is large enough to offer several types of food. Use our FREE seed funnel to fill it easily and store it away with ease.

Nature's Rhythm Metal Hopper Bird Feeder Two Chambers,Heavy Duty Mesh Metal Dual Seed Compartments Outdoor Hanging Metal Wild Bird Feeder with 6 Feeding Ports,10lbs Seed Capacity

Nature’s Rhythm Metal Hopper Bird Feeder

The Nature’s Rhythm birdfeeder features 10 feeding ports, a mesh screen and the large wrap-around tray allows for multiple birds to feed from various angles. Its powder coated finish is an attractive copper tone that can withstand all weather conditions.

This feeder comes with two chambers, so you can fill each one with 5 lbs. of safflower seeds to attract cardinals and titmice, and keep another filled with sunflower exclusively for finches, pine siskins and grosbeaks. Two separate chambers also provide a convenient way to offer your birds a healthy variety of food sources throughout the year.

NC Wild Bird Feeder Hanging for Garden Yard Outside Decoration | Mesh Bird Feeder for Mix Seeds | Metal Bird Feeders for Outside (Red)

NC Wild Bird Feeder

Experience the beauty of nature at your home with this Wild Bird Feeder. Beautifully crafted to provide a wide feeding area and convenient hanging hook makes this bird feeder an excellent addition to your backyard! The high quality construction of the feeder and hopper are built to last, this bird feeder is great for most seed mixes.

You can also easily remove the bottom tray for easy clean-up or refill, and separate seed catcher so birds can keep eating without spilling on the ground. Made for safflower, sunflower and more, this feeder will bring hours of enjoyment to you and your family.

Kingsyard Bird Feeder for Outside Metal Mesh Wild Bird Feeder with Weatherproof Dome Dual Feeders 2.5 lbs. Seed Capacity for Finch Cardinal

Kingsyard Wild Bird Feeder

The Kingswood bird feeder is made for all seasons of the year. This heavy-duty, 2.5-pound capacity feeder comes with a rainproof dome that helps keep seeds dry, even in extreme weather conditions. When the weather is warm, simply open the dome to allow air flow through the feeder’s drainage holes to keep seed fresh and dry.

This durable bird feeder features two built-in compartments, so you can fill it with a variety of foods to attract more types of birds. With an easy lift-top lid or base that makes it convenient for you to fill this compact ground mounted bird feeder, your backyard will be filled with beauty!

REALEAD Bird Feeder, Wild Bird Feeders for Outside,Metal and Glass Bird Feeder with 3 lbs Seed Capacity, Bird Feeders for Outdoor Hanging for Garden Yard

REALEAD Wild Bird Feeder

The RELEAD birdfeeder is ideal for people who want to be closer to nature, but would like a little help from Mother Nature in attracting the birds. It features a large glass container to protect seeds from the elements, while allowing you to watch birds at a distance. The solid design stands up well against high winds and harsh weather.

This high quality feeder can hold up to 3 lb of seeds, and can be filled with a variety of seeds to attract birds, such as black oil sunflower seeds, safflower seeds to attract red finches, tits, house finches, birds and more! Made of rust-proof metal and tempered glass for durability, the REALEAD Bird Feeder is easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher. Its large, wide 8″ inch roof protects birds from sun, wind and rain.

Best Bird Seed for Tube Feeders

Safflower Seeds

Safflower seeds are a popular type of bird seed for use in tube style bird feeders. The seeds are small and easy to eat, making them a good choice for small birds such as chickadees and sparrows. Some people also use safflower seeds in place of sunflower seeds in feeders designed for larger birds, because the smaller size makes them less likely to become stuck in the feeder.

Another great thing about them,  is that most squirrels will not touch them because they can’t stand the bitter taste of the seeds. Safflower seeds should be fresh and have a strong flavor, so they should be replaced often if used in a bird feeder.

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are a common feed for many different types of birds, including cardinals, finches, grosbeaks, doves, nuthatches, chickadees and many more. The seeds are high in protein and healthy fats, making them an excellent source of food for those birds who need a good balance of nutrients.

Sunflower seeds make great natural food for tube feeders because they are small enough to go through the feeder but big enough to provide a good amount of nutrition. The benefits of feeding sunflower seeds to your bird include providing essential nutrients, promoting bird well-being and helping to keep them entertained.

Nyjer/Thistle Seeds

Nyjer seeds  also called thistle seeds are a type of bird seed that is popular with bird feeders. There are a few reasons why nyjer seeds might be a good choice for bird feeders. Nyjer seeds are high in protein and essential fatty acids, which can provide valuable nutrients to birds.

Additionally, nyjer seeds contain a variety of other beneficial ingredients, like antioxidant vitamins and minerals. Finally, they are easy to find and relatively inexpensive, making them an affordable option for those who want to provide their birds with quality food.


Few bird feeders offer a more varied diet than those that include peanuts as a staple. Whether offered in a small tube feeder or a large communal feeder, peanuts provide plenty of nourishment to birds of all sizes. Peanuts are especially beneficial to smaller birds, as they help them gain the necessary weight and strength to survive in their natural habitats. Despite their popularity, peanuts can cause problems for some bird feeders.

Peanuts tend to clog the feeder’s tubes and make it difficult for the birds to access the food. Additionally, they can attract rodents, which can contaminate the food and lead to health problems for the birds. If you’re considering including peanuts in your bird feeder program, be sure to read up on their benefits and drawbacks first.

Best Safflower Seeds for Birds


Cole’s Safflower Bird Seed, 20 lbs.

Cole’s Safflower Bird Seed is the perfect addition to your bird feeder. With its enticing aroma, this seed is sure to attract different kinds of birds, including cardinals and orioles.

Blackbirds and squirrels will avoid this bitter-tasting seed, making it a great choice for those looking to control pests in their yard but still enjoy watching birds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is safflower seed good for birds?

Safflower is an excellent food source for birds. Not only is it a great source of nutrients, but it also doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or by-products that can harm your birds. Additionally, safflower seed is not expensive and there is no need to clean up any messes it makes.

Do mourning doves eat safflower seeds?

Mourning doves consume a lot of seeds, especially safflower. The main reason for this is that these doves are in need of energy to counteract the loss of their natural food supply (their mates). Safflower is a good source of energy and the doves love it.

Do woodpeckers eat safflower seeds?

During fall and winter, woodpeckers often eat safflower seeds. The birds extract the seeds from the heads of the plants with their beaks. This is a common food item for these animals, as they require high levels of nutrients to survive during this time of year.

Do sparrows eat safflower seeds?

Sparrows sure love to chow down on safflower seeds, and there’s a good chance they’ve eaten them before you ever noticed. In fact, these tiny birds are so fond of these seeds that they often bury them in the ground for later consumption.

And because safflower seed is such a popular item for bird food, it’s no wonder that sparrows are notorious for raiding gardens and fields to get their fill.  So if you see a flock of sparrows eating safflower seeds from your garden or yard, don’t be surprised – this is one bird that loves nothing more than a good snack!

Which is better for birds, safflower or sunflower seeds?

Safflower and sunflower seeds are both favorites of songbirds, but more bird species like sunflower. Sunflower seeds tend to be larger and have a higher oil content, which makes them more nutritious for birds. However, safflower seeds are also a good option for birds because they are smaller and just as nutritious.

What birds will not eat safflower seeds?

Safflower seeds are a popular bird feed, but some birds will not eat them. Grackles, starlings, and blackbirds are some of the birds that will not eat safflower seeds. These birds prefer to eat other types of bird feed such as black-oil sunflower seeds.


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