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How to Attract Yellow Warblers to your Backyard Fast?

Attracting the Yellow Warbler can be quite a challenge especially if you are living in the Northern United States or Canada. This bird species is more often seen on the coastal areas of the United States and Canada, but it is also native to parts of the Midwestern states.

Although there are some species of warblers that are common in areas that they can fly away from to avoid predators, most species prefer to live close to their water source.

When to Attract the Yellow Warbler

It’s spring, and many people are thinking about attracting yellow warblers to their yards. The best time of year to attract these birds is in the late winter and early spring. Warblers migrate in March and April, so they will be looking for food as they fly through your area.

If you have a bird feeder, make sure it has a fresh supply of seed available throughout the winter months to keep them coming back! If you don’t have a feeder yet, consider adding one.

Trees and Plants that Attract Yellow Warblers

During summer, you will want to watch out for the different kinds of plants that are not in season. Some are quite popular because they attract a wide variety of insects, and some have an abundance of nectar which attracts both the insects and birds.

For example, the Elijah Blue Fescue Grass is very attractive to all types of birds including the Yellow Warbler. Some trees that will attract Yellow Warblers are the oak, willows, sycamore and pine tree.

Yellow warblers love plants that grow berries some of their favorites are mulberry, blackberry, bayberry, dogwoods, honeysuckle, sumac, and wild grapes.

In order to attract the Yellow Warbler to your garden, you may want to place some nectar producing plants around your home. Try planting some trumpet vine, trumpet honeysuckle, red cardinal flower, bee balm, columbine and lily.

Put up a Bird House

One of the best methods for attracting the Yellow Warbler is by placing bird houses in your yard. Here are 8 great tips to help you find the perfect birdhouse. Choose a birdhouse specifically made for warblers like this one.

1) Choose your location wisely- Birdhouses should be placed in an area that has trees or other natural features that can serve as shelter from predators.

2) Always choose a larger size- A small house will not do well because it does not allow for enough space for a Warbler to feel safe.

3) Use a good quality wood- Avoid using any paint or chemicals because these will affect the Warbler’s feathers.

4) Be sure to line the inside of your birdhouse with straw, grasses, moss, bark shreds or leaves.6) Place it at least 10 feet away from ground level – This will help keep your Warblers safe from predators and people who are walking around.

5) Make sure it’s placed near some bushes or trees to provide protection from the wind and rain.

6) Use a baffle with an entrance hole at least 1-1/2 inches in diameter – You can create your own out of materials like wood, copper wire, plastic sheeting, aluminum flashing, etc.

7) Place your Warbler birdhouse up high so that it is easier for birds to find them and climb inside without too much difficulty

8) Birdhouses should be mounted at least 10 feet from the ground. Some predators, such as cats and raccoons, can easily climb trees to get a birdhouse close to the ground if it is not mounted high enough.

Clean the Bird House regularly

If you plan to introduce a bird house to attract other types of warblers, you will need to take the proper measures in order to maintain and care for the house.

A house should be kept clean and well maintained to avoid attracting pests. Most birds like a clean house and a clean surrounding so make sure that the house is well maintained in order to attract more birds.

Install Bird Feeders

Another way to attract Yellow Warbler birds to your garden is by adding several bird feeders. There are several types of feeders available and the ones that attract birds of this color tend to be quite attractive.

A very effective bird feeder is the Squirrel Buster Suet Squirrel-proof Suet Bird Feeder. For food, I would recommend peanut butter suet cakes. Find the lowest price on these two products on Amazon.

Favorite Foods

For you to attract Yellow Warbler birds to your yard, the birds will need to be provided with plenty of food. Although the yellow warbler will feed on almost everything, including seeds, insects, berries, and nectar. When purchasing seeds, make sure that you purchase black oil sunflower seed, they go crazy for it.

Get a Feeding Station

Another way to attract the yellow warbler into your garden is by placing a feeding station, which are created especially for the warbler.

Feeding stations allow the warbler to use their natural habitat and look more natural when it is in their yard. Place some black oil sunflower seed on their feeding station.

Install a Birdbath

One sure-fire way to attract these birds into your backyard is with a birdbath or even a small running fountain. They are very attracted to the sound of dripping water.

If you’re not interested in constructing an elaborate water feature for your yard, there are also pre-made models available on Amazon or at most garden centers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Warblers feed on the ground?

It is a common misconception that warblers feed on the ground. The research I conducted shows that most of their food intake comes from the leaves and berries they find high in trees. However, if given enough time, they will land on the ground to catch insects or eat other small animals.

Do yellow warblers visit feeders?

Yes, they will visit feeders to eat seeds in the winter, or suet as well as some fruit like grapes, raisins, apples, bananas or oranges if they are available at your feeder.

What does it mean to see a yellow warbler?

Seeing a yellow warbler is always cause for celebration. We may not know why, but we can’t help but feel joyous when this small bird lands on our window or tree branch. They are elusive creatures and difficult to find in the wild, so every sighting feels like a gift from Mother Nature herself. Many people associate seeing a yellow warbler with happiness, and many believe that their bright color means good luck!

Are warblers friendly?

The majority of people would agree that warblers are not typically seen as friendly creatures. They are most often described as skittish and timid, with a preference for flying away from human contact, but its been shown that these birds actually enjoy human company and can be socialized to an extent (with proper handling).

Do warblers eat fruit?

Warblers do in fact eat fruit, but it’s just not a major part of their diet. They eat fruits such as grapes, raisins, apples, bananas or oranges.