Homebird Window Bird Feeder (A Complete 2023 Review)

Are you looking for the perfect bird feeder for your home? The Homebird Window Bird Feeder is a great option, and this review will provide an in-depth analysis of its features for 2023.

This feeder offers a unique design that ensures birds can easily access the seed from either side – as well as giving you prime viewing spots of your feathered friends. Its superior quality and ease of use makes it one of the most popular feeders on the market.

Homebird Window Bird Feeder Review

Are you a bird lover who doesn’t have the space for an outdoor bird feeder or the time to tend to it? Have you been looking for an easy, fool-proof way to attract birds?

If so, then allow me to introduce you to the Homebird Window Bird Feeder. This highly-regarded feeder is perfect for anyone who wants to bring birds into their home without needing a yard or extra effort.

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The Benefits of a Window-Mounted Bird Feeder

Window-mounted bird feeders are an excellent way to bring birds closer to your home, without disturbing their natural habitat. With window bird feeders, you can observe the birds from the comfort of your own home or office. This allows for an up close and personal view of these beautiful creatures, without having to disturb their environment.

Additionally, it’s a great way to educate children and adults on local bird species and behavior. Not only will you be able to enjoy watching birds in their natural habitat, but a window-mounted bird feeder also offers other desirable benefits as well. For one, it helps keep pesky pests away from your outdoor living space.

By providing food resources close by, birds are much more likely to patrol and eat any insects that may be wandering around your garden or patio area. Furthermore, with the right positioning of a window-mounted bird feeder, you can help attract even more birds into your garden!

Powerful Suction That Never Falls Off

The Homebird Window Bird Feeder is an excellent choice for those who appreciate beauty and durability. The strong suction cups make sure the feeder stays firmly attached to your window pane, even when knocked accidentally. There’s no need to worry about it falling off unexpectedly or having to constantly reattach it – the suction cups are incredibly secure.

I’ve had mine up for a few months now and haven’t had any issues with it coming loose or sliding down my windowpane. The stylish design also makes this bird feeder a great addition to any outdoor décor while providing a comfortable spot for our feathered friends to enjoy a meal.

All in all, the Homebird Window Bird Feeder is an excellent option if you’re looking for something that looks good and stays put – highly recommended!

No Assembly Needed

One of the best features of this feeder is that it comes pre-built and can be set up in less than 60 seconds. This means no struggling with screws, nuts, or small parts – all you have to do is position it in a window and you’re ready to go.

The fact that it doesn’t require assembly makes it very beginner friendly; even those who aren’t comfortable putting together complicated items can easily install the bird feeder without any issues.

Furthermore, its simple design makes it easy to maintain and clean, while also providing birds with an attractive place to eat their meals. All these benefits make the Homebird Window Bird Feeder an ideal choice for anyone looking to attract lovely winged visitors into their home.

Refill in Seconds with Removable Tray

The Homebird Window Bird Feeder is designed with a removable tray that makes it easy to clean and refill. Simply lift out the tray, add your desired bird seeds such as sunflower hearts, suet pellets, nuts, peanuts, suet balls, suet blocks or mealworms for birds, and you’re all set.

This feature eliminates the need to dismount the feeder from the window every time you want to change or clean the feeder – saving you time and effort. It also helps to keep the feeder hygienic, which is important for protecting the health of all visiting birds. Refilling and cleaning has never been simpler with this convenient feature!

Garden Birds Keep Coming Back

The Homebird Window Bird Feeder is the perfect addition to any bird lover’s garden! This deep-fill acrylic window suction cup feeder is designed specifically for small garden birds and allows watchers to get up close and personal with their feathered friends.

The generous size of the feeder can hold a substantial amount of birdseed, providing a continuous source of food that will keep birds coming back. This clever design ensures that all types of birds have an opportunity to feast on the contents, making it easy for bird watchers to observe them in action.

Best of all, the feeder is made from durable materials and includes installation hardware, so you can easily set it up in your backyard. With this feeder, you’ll be able to enjoy gorgeous views of your favorite birds without ever having to leave home!

Patented Design for Observing Birds Clearly

The Homebird Window Bird Feeder is truly a revolutionary product. Its patented design allows nature-lovers to get up close and personal with their feathered friends without blocking the view. This is extremely beneficial for bird watchers who want to observe and photograph birds in their natural habitat without disturbing them.

The design of the feeder ensures that you can watch in peace and comfort from indoors, no matter what type of window it’s placed on — single, double hung, sliding or casement. Not only does this mean less disturbance for the birds, but also more beautiful pictures!

What’s more, the feeder itself is made from durable materials that are built to last for years, so you can enjoy your wild birds year after year. With the Homebird Window Bird Feeder in your home, you won’t miss out on any bird sightings!

Lifetime Guarantee

The Homebird Window Bird Feeder is a must-have for any bird watcher, thanks to its lifetime guarantee. With this guarantee, customers can contact the company for a free replacement or a full reimbursement if ever there is an issue with their feeder.

This demonstrates that the manufacturer has complete confidence in the quality of their product and provides peace of mind knowing you have made a wise investment.

Furthermore, the lifetime guarantee offers customers reassurance that even if something goes wrong with the feeder, they will be able to get a replacement or refund without any hassle.

It’s this level of commitment to high-quality construction and durability that makes the Homebird Window Bird Feeder a great choice for anyone who is passionate about birds.

Additional Features

The Homebird Window Bird Feeder features a unique design that makes it easy to observe the birds while they feed. This feeder is made of clear acrylic, which not only allows you to see the birds clearer without any obstructions but also makes it more durable and longer lasting.

Along with this feature, it has been designed to be waterproof so that your birdseed stays dry and fresh even when there’s a lot of rainfall.

For birdwatchers who are looking for an ideal window bird feeder, this one is perfect as it provides both clarity and protection from the rain.

With its affordable price tag, anyone can own this beautiful feeder and enjoy watching their feathered friends come visit their home.


This Homebird Window Bird Feeder is a great and easy way to bring nature right into your home. It attaches securely to the window with its powerful suction, allowing you to observe birds up close. The clear acrylic design makes it easy to watch them feed while also providing protection from the elements.

The removable tray makes it easy to refill and clean, so there’s no need for tools or extra effort. Not only will it bring birds closer to your window, but also provide you with an enjoyable and educational experience. As if this wasn’t enough, they offer a lifetime guarantee with every purchase, so you know that your investment is protected!

We think this bird feeder is an excellent choice for any backyard, patio, or balcony. Buyers have left overwhelmingly positive reviews about their experience with the product, making it clear that this product truly delivers on its promises.

So why wait? Get your own Homebird Window Bird Feeder on Amazon for the lowest price today and enjoy watching nature come alive in your home!

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of bird seed can I use in this feeder?

You can use a variety of different types of bird seed with your window bird feeder. This includes sunflower seeds, safflower, cracked corn, nyjer, milo, millet and all kinds of nuts. By providing the birds with a variety of different food options, you are sure to have many visitors coming to sample the offerings!

Can this feeder be used on any type of window?

Yes, this feeder can be used on any type of window. It is specifically designed to cling to smooth, non-porous surfaces like glass or mirrors without the need for screws, nails, bolts or adhesives. It is not recommended for use on textured or porous surfaces.

The unique design features a suction cup that attaches itself firmly to the surface and holds securely even in the most extreme weather conditions. With its easy installation process, you can have it up and running within minutes.

How often do I need to refill the feeder?

It depends on the number of birds visiting your feeder and the amount of birdseed you use. Generally speaking, a good rule of thumb is to check the feeder daily and fill it as needed.

The Homeward window feeder has a 1-cup seed capacity, so if there are many birds visiting the feeder or they eat a lot of seed quickly, then you will likely need to replenish it more frequently.

If it’s only visited by a few birds occasionally, and they don’t eat much, then you can get away with refilling it less often. Keeping an eye on your window feeder will help ensure that all your feathered friends are well-fed!

How do I clean the feeder?

Cleaning the feeder is an important part of maintaining a healthy bird environment. It can be a challenging undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be! The removable tray of the feeder can be lifted out for cleaning and maintained with ease. To begin, simply rinse the tray with warm water and mild soap.

Make sure all crumbs and debris are removed before drying it thoroughly, then place back in the feeder. If there is any build-up of dirt or grime that won’t come off with soap and water, you can use a soft brush to scrub it away before rinsing again. After that, you’re done! This simple method ensures your feeder will stay clean for your birds’ health and happiness.

Can this feeder be used for other types of birds other than small garden birds?

The feeder is designed specifically for small garden birds, but it may attract other types of birds as well. It is equipped with an adjustable perch and a lid to keep out rainwater, so the birdseed inside stays dry.

Although this feeder can accommodate larger birds, it is best suited for small garden birds due to its size and design. The lid and the perch openings are both smaller in comparison to feeders made for larger birds.

Other than that, there are no restrictions on what kind of bird can use this feeder. Therefore, if you have different kinds of birds visiting your garden, they will all be able to enjoy the nutritious treats in your new birdfeeder.

How long does it take to assemble the feeder?

The feeder comes pre-built and can be put up in less than 60 seconds – no assembly required! You can forget about spending hours putting together complicated parts. This feeder is incredibly easy to install and ready to provide food for your feathered friends right away.

Does it come with a warranty?

Yes, the feeder comes with a lifetime guarantee. This means that customers can purchase the feeder with peace of mind, knowing that if any issues arise in the future, they will be taken care of!

The company stands behind its product and guarantees satisfaction. If you ever have any issues with the feeder or suction cups, you can contact the company for a free replacement or a full reimbursement.

So don’t hesitate to purchase this durable feeder – it’s an investment in your pet’s health and happiness! With a lifetime warranty, you’ll have no worries about your purchase.

Can the suction cups be replaced if they lose their stickiness?

The suction cups are designed to be strong and durable to last long. However, the stickiness of the suction cup can sometimes weaken over time due to wear and tear. If your suction cups lose their stickiness, you can easily contact the company to receive a replacement.

This way, you will have an easy solution if any of your suction cups fail to hold on to surfaces firmly. Replacing them is both cost-effective and efficient in comparison to having to buy new ones each time they start losing their grip.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you take advantage of this service offered by the manufacturer in case you experience any problems with the performance of your suction cups.

Is the feeder weatherproof?

The feeder is designed to be waterproof and able to stand up against various weather conditions, such as rain. Although this makes it a great choice for outdoor use, it’s important to bring the feeder inside during severe weather.

This will help protect both the feeder itself and the birds who come to consume its contents. Heavy winds, rainstorms, and extreme temperatures can cause harm to the birdfeeder or even injury to the birds themselves.

So if you’re looking for an outdoor birdfeeder that can handle all kinds of weather, look no further! The feeder is designed with toughness in mind so that you can enjoy watching your feathered friends without worry.

Can the feeder be used during the winter?

Yes, the feeder can be used during the winter. However, we must take extra care of it to make sure that our feathered friends have plenty of food available. It is important to ensure that the feeder is kept clean so that wet and moldy food does not accumulate and become a health hazard for birds.

We should also regularly refill the feeder with birdseed so that there are always plenty of nourishing options available during the colder months.

The combination of cleaning and refilling will help ensure that our feathered friends have a reliable source of food during winter, even when temperatures drop below freezing.

How does the feeder attract birds?

This feeder is the perfect addition to any backyard, providing a safe and easy way to attract birds. It is designed to be placed in a location that is visible to birds, such as a window. This allows the birds to see the feeder and the birdseed, which attracts them to it in order to eat.

Additionally, different types of birdseed can be used depending on what type of birds you want to attract. The design of the feeder also plays an important role in attracting certain species of birds since some prefer smaller or larger spaces for feeding.

Not only does this feeder bring beauty and entertainment into your backyard but it also provides an ideal spot for birds to get their nutrition.

Can the feeder be used for hummingbirds?

This feeder is not suitable for hummingbirds, as it has been specially designed to cater to small garden birds. If you’re looking to attract hummingbirds, then it’s important that you research and purchase a feeder specifically tailored to their needs.

Hummingbirds require different feeding apparatus than other species of bird; they need nectar-feeding devices that hold liquid or sugar water and offer them an ideal platform to perch on while they feed. Such products are readily available in stores and online, so make sure you get the right one to suit your needs!

How can I ensure that the birds are safe while using the feeder?

Keeping your backyard birds safe is essential for their health and longevity. It’s important to regularly clean the feeder to ensure that it is free from mold or bacteria that could harm the birds. Additionally, it’s important to place the feeder in a location where it is visible to birds but not to predators.

Birds should have a clear view of possible threats before they land at the feeder. The ideal spot for a bird feeder will be close to trees with shelter and far away from cats or other animals who may prey on them.

Finally, be sure to monitor the feeder for spoiled seed, which can attract rodents and other pests that could hurt or scare away birds. Taking these steps will help ensure that your feathered friends are safe while using the feeders you provide!

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