snowy owl

48 Fun Facts About Snowy Owls (with Photos & Information)

Snowy owls are a type of owl native to the Arctic region. They have a distinctive white plumage and yellow eyes, but many people do not know much about them. This article will give you 48 fun facts about snowy owls with photos and detailed information! ​​​​​​​ Overview Identification: The adult male’s plumage is snow-white, and can […]

peregrine falcon

36 Interesting Facts About Peregrine Falcons (Detailed)

Peregrine Falcons are one of the most amazing creatures on earth. This article contains 36 interesting facts about Peregrine Falcons with photos, and details to help you learn more about these fascinating birds.  Overview Identification: Peregrine Falcons have a blue-gray back, buff underparts with a bit of a rusty hue, and thin black or dark brown barring, […]

Eagle Fish fetching fish

12 Birds of Prey That Eat Fish (with Photos, ID & Info)

Birds of prey, or raptors, are often thought to be primarily carnivorous animals. However, the term ‘raptor’ encompasses many species that eat fish as well as other types of meat. This article includes photos and information on 12 birds of prey that also eat fish.​​​​​​​ Bald Eagle Bald Eagles are large birds of prey that […]

Blue Jay raiding nest

12 Birds That Eat Other Birds Eggs (Photos & Details)

The world is full of many mysteries and phenomena that we don’t fully understand. One such mystery is the phenomenon of animals eating other animals’ eggs, a process known as “oophagy”. This article will explore some of the most common types of birds that eat other bird’s eggs with photos and details about them!  Red-headed […]