A Northern Flicker drilling holes into a tree.

11 Woodpeckers Of The Pacific Northwest (Photos & Info)

Woodpeckers are a ubiquitous bird in the Pacific Northwest, and they can be seen in most forests and woodlands. There are 11 different woodpecker species found in the Pacific Northwest. In this article, we will examine the woodpeckers of the Pacific Northwest, with pictures, photo identification, and details of each, as well as locations in […]

A pileated woodpecker perched on a tree.

9 Woodpeckers of Wisconsin 2022 (With Photos, ID & Info!)

If you’re looking to identify the woodpecker that’s been making holes in your wooden fence or tree, you’re not alone. Woodpeckers are common residents in Wisconsin, but there are a few species that are more common than others. In this article we will explore the 9 most common woodpeckers in Wisconsin with photos, ID and information about […]

Birdhouses multi-colored

Are Birds Attracted To Certain Colors? (The Truth!)

Are birds attracted to certain colors? Some bird enthusiasts believe that certain colors,  are more visually stimulating to the avian eye and may encourage birds to visit a location. Recent studies, however, suggest that some birds may indeed be drawn to specific colors. Are birds attracted to certain colors? There are a number of factors […]