Nuthatch feeding on seeds at a bird feeder.

15 Birds That Eat Safflower Seeds 2022 (A Complete Guide)

Safflower seeds are a popular choice for bird feeders because they attract a wide variety of birds, which is why it’s important to identify the bird’s that eat them. This article will explore 15 birds that eat safflower seeds with photos, identification tips & as well as valuable information about each one. Birds That Eat Safflower […]

Baltimore Oriole

Where Should Oriole Feeders Be Placed? (The Best Spots!)

The question that most people ask when they want to purchase or construct an oriole feeder is this: “Where should oriole feeders be placed?” This article will hopefully address this important question and give you a simple guideline on how to choose the best location to place your feeder. Where Should Oriole Feeders Be Placed? […]

Northern saw-whet owl

What is the Smallest Owl in North America? (A Full Guide)

If you’re wondering, what is the smallest owl in North America? You’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll take a look at the Northern Saw-Whet Owl, complete with photos, identification tips, range maps, sightings maps, calls, songs, and much more. So whether you’re a seasoned birder or just getting started, this guide […]

Northern Cardinal

11 Birds That Look Like Cardinals (A Complete Guide!)

Cardinals are among the most widespread backyard birds in North America. They are easily recognized by their bright red plumage, but did you know that there are other birds that look like cardinals? In this complete guide, we will show you 11 birds that look like cardinals, with photos and identification tips. You will also […]

15 Small Birds With Black And White Heads (A Full Guide!)

Do you like to spend time outdoors, surrounded by the melodious songs of beautiful birds? Well, you’re in for a treat! This guide will introduce you to 15 different small birds with black and white heads. Explore their unique identification features, songs and calls, and find out where they live with the included maps. So […]

person birdwatching

Can I Go Birdwatching in Lockdown? (The Ultimate Guide!)

As the COVID-19 lockdown continues, people are starting to get creative with how they spend their time. One popular activity that has seen a resurgence is birdwatching. With more people staying home, there are fewer cars on the road and less noise pollution overall. This makes it easier for birds to be heard, and also […]