A Great Gray Owl flying close to the ground.

12 Types of Owls in Ohio for 2022 (Photos, ID, Frequency)

Owls are one of the most commonly seen wildlife species in Ohio. They can be found in a variety of habitats across the state, including forests, fields, and wetlands throughout the year. The following is a list of twelve types of owls in Ohio with photos, ID, information, and frequency of occurrence ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Types of Owls in Ohio […]

Red-headed woodpecker

8 Woodpeckers in New Jersey for 2022 (Photos, ID & Info)

Woodpeckers are a beloved bird in New Jersey. They can be found throughout the state and have a variety of behaviors and habitats. In this article, we will explore the 8 types of woodpeckers in New Jersey for 2022. Types of Woodpeckers in New Jersey Red-bellied Woodpecker Length: 9.5 in (24 cm) Weight: 2.0-3.2 oz. (56-90 g) Wingspan: 13.0-16.5 in […]

American Robin

9 Birds That Look Like Robins But Aren’t (Photos, & Info)

The American Robin, also known as (Turdus migratorius) are an important part of our bird communities. If you ask a birder what birds have the highest frequency, they will most likely tell you that Robins are the most common bird seen in backyards. In this article, we will explore, and take a look at 8 birds that […]