small birds at tube feeder eating sunflower seeds.

Best Bird Feeder For Sunflower Seeds (Top Picks for 2023)

What is the best bird feeder for sunflower seeds? Many people ask this question and don’t know where to start. You may have a general idea of what you want, but there are so many styles and brands that it can be hard to decide which one will work best for your needs.

Well, I recently had the opportunity to test out some of the best bird feeders for sunflower seeds and compiled this list, so you can choose which one is right for you. A these feeders were selected for effectiveness and quality, so you can have a successful feeding experience in 2023.

Best Bird Feeder For Sunflower Seeds

Squirrel Buster Standard Squirrel-proof Bird Feeder w/4 Metal Perches, 1.3-pound Seed Capacity, garden green

Squirrel Buster Standard Squirrel-proof Bird Feeder.

The Squirrel Buster Standard Feeder is the perfect solution for any homeowner who has problems with unwanted birds, squirrels or other animals getting into their bird feeders. The feeder can hold up to 1.3 pounds of seed, and features four feeding ports.

It specifically designed to accommodate sunflower seeds, safflower or any seeds that you want to put in it. It’s also chew proof, so there’s no need to worry about replacing it when your bird feeder gets broken into by an animal.

Droll Yankees Whipper Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder With Collapsible Perches, 5-Pound Seed Capacity, Blue

Droll Yankee’s Whipper Bird Feeder.

Droll Yankees has come up with a way to feed birds without worrying about squirrels getting the birdseed. The Yankee Whipper Bird Feeder is designed to keep squirrels out by using calibrated curved perches that are weight-sensitive and designed to collapse under the weight of a squirrel to a minimum of 2 ounces.

The tube bird feeder holds up to five pounds of sunflower seeds or pretty much any seed you like, and has four feeding ports. It’s constructed of heavy duty metal base and cap, UV-stabilized polycarbonate seed tube.

Droll Yankees Classic Sunflower or Mixed Seed Bird Feeder, Ring Pull Advantage, 6 Feeding Stations, 1 lb Bird Seed Capacity, 20-Inch

Droll Yankees Classic Ring Pull Sunflower Seed Bird Feeder.

The Classic Ring Pull Sunflower Seed Bird Feeder by Droll Yankees is a 16-inch tube that holds up to 1 pound of , sunflower seed, mixed seed, peanut chunks and more. The feeder comes with 6 feeding ports and accommodates multiple birds, so your backyard can be filled with happy chatter and songs!

It’s easy to fill, disassemble, and clean without tools. Made from UV-stabilized plastic that won’t discolor over time, this seed tube will last for years. It comes with two mounting options: hang or pole mount. This feeder will keep your backyard lively all year long!

Perky-Pet B00303 Fly-Through Wild Bird Feeder, 1 Pack, Black

Perky-Pet B00303 Fly-Through Wild Bird Feeder.

The most simple way to attract wild birds is with a metal mesh fly-thru feeder.  It holds 2 lbs. of sunflower seeds or peanuts which is enough for many days worth of bird food if you have it filled up properly. This type of feeder has two feeding stations that allow the bird to eat and rest at the same time.

The two feeding stations also mean that you don’t have to worry about birds crowding around one area. All four sides are made out of mesh so you can enjoy watching your new feathered friends up close and personal. 

Best Bird Feeder For Black Oil Sunflower Seeds

Black oil sunflower seeds are one of the most popular bird feed types, but what is the best bird feeder for black oil sunflower seeds?

Bird feeders come in all shapes and sizes, but not all of them are perfect for feeding black oil sunflower seeds. We’ve compiled a list of the five best bird feeders for this type of seed to help you choose which one is right for your needs.

Squirrel Buster Standard Squirrel-proof Bird Feeder w/4 Metal Perches, 1.3-pound Seed Capacity, garden green

Squirrel Buster Standard Squirrel-proof Bird Feeder.

The Squirrel Buster Standard Feeder is a squirrel-proof bird feeder that will keep seed fresh longer. It has four metal perches and a 1.3-pound seed capacity that will keep your birds happy all year long! It’s the only feeder with a patented Seed Ventilation System, and it has metal perches to prevent soiling from droppings.

The weight of an adult squirrel automatically closes the shroud denying access to seed, and all parts exposed to squirrels are made of chew proof materials. If you want your feeder accessible by smaller birds, hang providing an 18-inch/47-cm clearance on all sides.

Droll Yankees 21964205201 787461785928 Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder, Yankee Whipper, 28-Inch, 4 P, Evening Blue

Droll Yankee’s Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder.

The Droll Yankees Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder is a durable, high-quality feeder that features four ports for easy feeding and seed dispersal. The 28-inch tube holds 5 pounds of birdseed, with an internal baffle to prevent seed spillage. The perches are curved to collapse under the weight of a squirrel, preventing any climbing attempts.

This Yankee Whipper also features UV-stabilized seed tube that won’t discolor over time and stainless steel hanging wire reduces motion, and increases stability to prevent seed spill.

Squirrel-X 111IN Bird Feeder, Dark Green

Squirrel-X Bird Feeder.

Squirrel-X is the ultimate in squirrel resistant bird feeding devices, featuring four large feeding perches and durable polycarbonate feeder ports to accommodate multiple birds at once, as well as a black finish which blends beautifully with any backyard. It can accommodate 4.2 pounds of seeds; suggested feed: black oil, sunflower, sunflower hearts/chips, wild bird blend.

Squirrel-X also has a rugged metal frame built to resist squirrel chewing, and it is constructed of cast aluminum, so it will not rust or corrode over time, making it the perfect long-term investment for any backyard enthusiast. 

Perky-Pet 339-1SR Squirrel-Be-Gone II Home Style Bird Feeder with Chimney, Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder with Weight-Activated Perches, Large 8lb Capacity Outdoor Wild Bird Feeder

Perky-Pet Squirrel-Be-Gone II Feeder Home.

The Perky-Pet Squirrel-Be-Gone II Feeder is an adorable feeder that features an 8 pound seed capacity, a roof, faux chimney, and front porch perch. There are strategically placed cutouts that look like windows and a front door to give the squirrels something to chew on.

The weight activated seed protection covers ports under a squirrel’s weight for added security against unwanted intruders! Tough all metal construction with removable roof for easy cleaning and filling.

Best Mesh Bird Feeder For Sunflower Seeds

What is the best mesh bird feeder for sunflower seeds? If you are looking for a way to attract more birds, then these 5 products may be what you need. All of them have features that will help ensure they last longer and remain durable in various weather conditions.

These can also help if you want to increase your bird watching experience by attracting more species than just the usual ones like cardinals or sparrows.

More Birds Sedona Screen Bird Feeder, 4 Feeding Ports, 2.8 lb Bird Seed Capacity

Belle Fleur – Bird Feeder Select Wrap Around Squirrel Baffle.

Introducing Belle Fleur’s Bird Feeder with Squirrel Baffle. This large capacity feeder has a durable metal construction that resists weathering with a yellow powder-coated finish. For bird lovers with a large garden, this feeder has a 3-pound capacity that will last longer between fillings.

It’s easy to clean and fill, with the top and base twisting off for quick access. The squirrel baffle is designed to stop greedy rodents from stealing bird seed. One of its unique features is the wrap-around design, which provides plenty of space for birds to sit on, cling on or hang upside down.

Mosloly Wild Bird Feeders Metal Outside - 7lbs Large Retractable Mesh Hanging Feeders Squirrel Proof, Blue Bird/Cardinal Wildlife Feeder, Attracts Birds(Brown)

Bird Feeder for Wild Birds, Heavy Duty Metal Panorama Grid Bird Feeder.

You’re looking for a bird feeder that is both durable and easy to fill, and you don’t want it to take up too much space. Well, we have the perfect solution for you! The gazebo-style metal bird feeder comes with 7 lb. seed capacity and 360-degree panorama feeding, which makes it the perfect place for wild birds of all sizes to find food. 

It can hold a variety of types including sunflower seeds, corn kernels, millet and more! The feeder features a large tray that prevents seed spillage, easy filling and cleaning with its wide opening and detachable lid, durable metal construction, circular perch and hollow grid for multiple bird sizes – this feeder will be a joy to watch!

Stokes Select Mesh Screen Bird Feeder with Metal Roof, Green, 4.4 lb Seed Capacity

Stokes Select Mesh Screen Bird Feeder with Metal Roof.

Stokes Select Mesh Screen Bird Feeder comes with a Metal Roof, it comes in green, and has a 4.4 pound seed capacity. Stokes Select bird feeders are built to last, and the metal roof design makes them durable for use outdoors in all weather conditions. With a large capacity of four pounds of sunflower seeds, this feeder is perfect for attracting cardinals, chickadees, nuthatches and finches among other birds that enjoy feeding on sunflower seeds! 

This feeder features a powder coated rustproof metal roof that protects the seed from rain and moisture. The mesh screen makes it easy to see when seeds need refilling without having to open up the entire top of the feeder.

Birds Choice XCD82 Magnet Mesh Sunflower Feeder, Steel Sunflower Feeder w/ Hanging Cable, 5 Quarts, Red

Birds Choice Magnet Mesh Sunflower Feeder, Steel Sunflower Feeder with a Hanging Cable.

Bird Choice’s steel sunflower feeder features a 5 lb. seed capacity, and a magnet mesh screen. Birds cling to the surrounding screen and also on the bottom tray when feeding. This bird feeder has a built-in seed diverter that helps prevent wasted seed by only allowing seeds into the feeding area where birds are actively feeding.

It also features drainage holes in its base. The Bird’s Choice sunflower feeder comes with an equipped hanging cable for easy placement in your yard or garden, and it also has steel construction that is powder coated for extra durability that will not rust!

Attracting the Right Birds

Sunflower seeds are a bird magnet! Chickadees, finches, cardinals and many other bird species flock to them due to their high protein and fat content. These seeds not only provide birds with essential nutrients for energy, but also help keep them warm during the colder months.

If you want to attract these feathered beauties to your feeder, opt for fresh, high-quality sunflower seeds free from mold or dust. For even more variety, try creating a custom blend of different birdseed types like black oil sunflower seeds or nyjer seeds, to appeal to different bird species.

To really make your outdoor space irresistible to birds, consider adding a water source like a bird bath. With these tips, your feeder will be the hottest spot for birds in your neighborhood!

Comparing Hopper, Tube, & Platform Feeders

When it comes to bird feeders, there are several types to choose from. Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons of the most common feeder types:

Hopper Feeders: Ideal for Attracting Larger Birds

Hopper feeders are great for attracting larger birds such as cardinals, blue jays, and woodpeckers. These feeders typically have a large holding capacity, which makes them perfect for busy backyard birdwatchers who don’t want to refill their feeder as often. The downside is that they can be more challenging to clean and may attract unwanted animals such as squirrels.

Tube Feeders: Perfect for Attracting Smaller Birds

Tube feeders are ideal for attracting smaller birds such as finches, chickadees, and titmice. These feeders have ports that allow birds to access the seed while keeping it dry and fresh. They are also easier to clean than hopper feeders. However, they have a smaller capacity, which means they need to be refilled more frequently.

Platform Feeders: Great for Ground-Feeding Birds

Platform feeders are open-air and can accommodate larger birds that prefer to feed on the ground. They are ideal for attracting ground-feeding birds like doves, juncos, and sparrows. Platform feeders are easy to clean and offer a clear view of the birds. However, they can also attract unwanted animals and may need to be placed in a location that is less accessible to them.

Essential Features

When it comes to choosing a bird feeder, there are a few essential features to consider that can make all the difference in the world! Let’s break it down.

  • Capacity: The size of your bird feeder should depend on the number of birds you want to attract and the frequency of refilling. If you have a busy bird feeder with many feathered visitors, consider opting for a larger capacity feeder to minimize the need for frequent refilling.
  • Durability: A sturdy and durable bird feeder is a must-have to ensure it can withstand harsh weather conditions and the pecking and prodding of persistent birds. Look for materials like metal or heavy-duty plastic that can withstand the elements and the beaks of your feathered friends.
  • Cleaning Ease: A bird feeder that’s easy to clean will make your life easier and keep your birds healthy. Make sure to choose a feeder with easily removable parts that can be washed and disinfected to prevent the buildup of bacteria and disease.
  • Squirrel-Proofing: Squirrels are notorious for stealing birdseed and causing damage to bird feeders. If you have pesky squirrels in your area, consider investing in a squirrel-proof feeder that has features like baffles or wire cages to keep the squirrels at bay and your birdseed safe.

By considering these essential features when choosing your bird feeder, you’ll be able to provide a safe and healthy feeding environment for your feathered friends that will last for years to come!

Picking the Right Bird Feeder Size

Size does matter when it comes to bird feeders! Don’t settle for just any size, select the perfect one that will attract the birds you want to see. We’ve got you covered with some key factors to consider when choosing the right size feeder.


First off, think about how much seed you want your feeder to hold. If you’re seeking a low-maintenance option, a larger feeder with a bigger capacity that requires less frequent refills might be ideal. However, it’s crucial to be mindful of the space you have available. A feeder that’s too big may not fit comfortably in your yard or balcony.

Number of Birds

Next, consider the number of birds you’d like to feed. A smaller feeder may suffice for a few birds, but if you’re trying to attract a larger flock, you’ll undoubtedly need a larger feeder to accommodate them.


Finally, if squirrels or other critters are a problem in your area, you’ll want to squirrel-proof your feeder. A smaller feeder may be easier to protect from squirrels than a larger one.

By keeping these three essential factors in mind, you’ll be on your way to choosing the perfect bird feeder size for your needs. With the right size feeder, you’ll be able to enjoy watching your feathered friends dine in comfort and safety.

Location Matters

Location is a crucial factor when it comes to bird feeders! Choosing the right spot can make all the difference in attracting the birds you want to see. Here are some important considerations for placing your feeder in the ideal location.

Sun Exposure

First off, take note of the sun exposure in the area where you plan to place your feeder. Most birds prefer a sunny spot, but be careful not to put the feeder in direct sunlight, as the heat can spoil the seed or harm the birds.


Next, consider the visibility of your feeder. Birds like to feel safe when feeding, so choose a spot that’s visible enough for them to keep an eye out for predators. Avoid placing the feeder too close to shrubs or dense trees that may hide predators from view.


Finally, make sure the feeder is easily accessible to the birds. Place it in an area that’s convenient for them to fly in and out, with a clear landing area that’s easy to perch on. Avoid placing the feeder too close to busy roads or other hazards that could pose a threat to the birds.

By considering these crucial factors, you’ll be able to place your feeder in the perfect spot for optimal bird activity and safety. With the right location, you’ll attract a variety of beautiful birds to your yard and enjoy hours of bird watching.

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